Wiping Out in Whistler

This past weekend I went to Whistler for a double birthday and make my worldwide snowboarding premiere.  It was my cousins’ birthdays and my aunt had planned the entire trip, from accommodations to meals, and all the snacks in between.  We headed up Friday night, and I had mentally prepared myself for the pain that I knew was going to come as a result of my trials and errors after errors of trying to conquer the mountain.  In addition to my mental discipline, I had a secret defense strategy: knee pads.

Saturday morning, we rode the gondola from Whistler Village to the stop at Roundhouse Lodge (oblivious to the food court and restaurants on the slopes), and from there on it was a downhill battle.  As my uncle put it, I tumbled down the mountain for the entire morning.  My cousins, one barely old enough to get a driver’s license and the other who can still order off the kids menu, lapped me twice that morning.  Other kids who looked like they were fresh out of Pull-Ups were flying past me like I was part of the scenery.

When I got to the last slope before reaching the upper village my legs became unresponsive and it was as if my body was an anvil each time I tried to pick myself up after plunging into the snow.  Halfway down that slope I swear, I could smell the aromas of a thick glossy brown gravy stirring up in a pot, but my legs didn’t think that the smell or the thought of concrete were motivating enough to comply.  For the final metres of the slope, I had to walk down, with legs that felt just about as sturdy as Twizzlers, because the path was getting too narrow and I became a magnet for the trees on my right side.  My very first run was finally finished, and the mountain had me wiped like used toilet paper just in time for lunch which my aunt had prepared back at our rental condo.

Lunch was pork congee, three different kinds of fried noodles, and seafood patties.  Very homestyle.  Very comforting.

Pork Congee

After lunch was a hot, hot, shower followed with a power nap before exploring Whistler Village.  The Village had lots of shopping and a fury of restaurants for mountain-goers to dine at, including a booming new gourmet hot dog joint, Dinky Dawgs.  Dinky Dawgs was one of the first places that drew our attention on our walk, so we didn’t immediately place our orders.  But after making our rounds in the village we got back to Dinky Dawgs just in time before they ended their daily promotional happy hour (4pm-5pm), when all dawgs are $5.00 each.

Saw the cutest egg server ever in one of The Village shops.

Duran Bodasing

I found out that international globetrotter, Duran (visit his blog here), opened Dinky Dawgs less than two months ago and is working on opening Vancouver location along with locations in three other cities.  Duran was the type of guy who posesses enough charisma and energy to rival Justin Bieber and dilithum crystals combined.  He has plenty of enthusiasm for his business and the organic hot dogs he serves, which you can top with just about anything under the sun.  We ordered two separate dawgs which included macaroni & cheese, truffle oil, nori, and croutons as the toppings.  We weren`t adventurous enough to top our dawgs with caviar, marshmallows, or the St. Patty`s special: Lucky Charms, but according to Duran one such braveheart named Kirby has ordered several dawgs with everything on it.  Our dinner rezos were less than two hours away, so we only allowed ourselves to have one bite each–just enough to avoid food regret.

It had been years since I visited Whistler, and it was nowhere near as bustling last time as it was this past weekend.  We were all very lucky to have my aunt plan and organize everything for the family.  She doesn`t miss a beat.  Although my first time snowboarding left me stiff and strained, the pain I feel is gives me a sense of gratification knowing that I pushed myself.  Sure, my time was spent tangling myself in my own demise, but it was time spent working up my appetite.  Perhaps I am not ready for the challenge of Whistler, but I hope I can one day go back and triumph it`s slopes with both a board and my stomach.

Dinky Dawgs on Urbanspoon

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6 thoughts on “Wiping Out in Whistler

  1. Simply Tia March 20, 2012 at 5:07 pm Reply

    Beautiful photos!

  2. Duran March 20, 2012 at 6:35 pm Reply

    So nice to meet you girls, you made my day honestly, FREE BACON with MARSHMALLOWS nest time!😉

  3. tokyohamster March 23, 2012 at 6:19 am Reply

    Oooo I can’t resist a good gourmet hot dog. yum!! You’re so brave to take the gondola all the way up the mountain your first time snowboarding. Those are some long runs!

    • foodieonthe49th March 23, 2012 at 10:36 am Reply

      I wouldn’t exactly consider it bravery because I wasn’t given a choice. More like following the leader type of thing. But it worked out.:)

  4. Rachel March 23, 2012 at 8:41 pm Reply

    the dinky dogs tasted so good. Nice pictures too.Are you still in pain?:(

    • foodieonthe49th March 23, 2012 at 11:39 pm Reply

      Nope! All healed!:) But I was pretty still for a few days there…

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