The Gift of Summer

I have gotten into the habit of making Christmas gifts each year, and this year has been no exception.  During late Summer, I planned ahead and decided to make some jellies from Summer fresh blackberries.  The preserves were fairly straightforward to make, not to mention inexpensive too.  The blackberries I used to make the jelly were from the same bushes that I blogged about earlier in the year here and here.  While the berries didn’t cost any money, I did pay the price of getting pricked by thorns a few times.

Getting the clear jelly required time and extra fridge space in addition to the labour intensiveness.  To achieve the clear jelly, I had to allow the cooked berries to drain into a bowl while hanging from a cheesecloth sack.  A jam would have been much easier to do, but I personally would rather eat jam without seeds.

Almost free blackberries

Making the jelly also kept my kitchen counter cluttered, with jars and packages littered everywhere.  Amidst the calamity, I neglected to add lemon juice to the jelly, which is not a fatal mistake, but the lemon adds that extra zing that fruit preserves need to counter the sweetness.

'Tis the season

The jellies will make good gifts, and they will be reminiscent of Summer.  The jury still seems to be out on whether or not it will snow here this year.  This kid inside of me always wants it to snow, but I know what an inconvenience it will be.  Whether it snows or not, my oven will be keeping me warm, as I still have holiday baking to do.

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